Forget Pub Crawls – Let’s Take A Brewery Crawl

With over 40 microbreweries in the city limits, the Mile High City may soon be known better for its beer than its elevation. And although it’s hard to go wrong with any of the dozens of breweries based in Colorado, there are a few that stand above the rest.

Vine Street Pub – The Denver-based brewery of the well-known Mountain Sun chain in Boulder, the Vine Street Pub brews and serves the best beer in the city. Located in the gorgeous neighborhood of (more…)

A Celebration of Oktoberfest Throughout the Year

If you are someone who loves food and fun, you will find that you cannot go wrong by taking a look at how to keep the spirit of Oktoberfest alive throughout the year. Oktoberfest is not only a celebration of German culture, it also honors the German communities that have sprung up throughout the world. It introduces people to traditional German food as well as allowing local breweries to offer some of their finest beers.

If you are someone who is (more…)

A History of Beer in America

Many people think of American beer as a watery substance that is best drank as cold as possible. However, the beer that was first brewed in this country by Virginia colonists in 1587 was quite different from what is available in today’s convenience stores. The first ale ever brewed on American shores was made with corn rather than with the traditional barley. However, most of the beer enjoyed by those living in the colonies was sent to them by ship from England.

America’s first brewery was built (more…)

Weekend Away: The Best Brewery Trips

If you’re a parent your mind might be on things like Carpet Cleaning Plano, TX or whether or not the new Barney film is out yet but we know you still love the pleasures of beer! Here are a few of the best brewery cities in the US you may want to visit if you ever get the chance – they’re great vacation spots for a weekend away from the kids:
Asheville, NC – It’s close to many places in the Southeast and it’s beautiful all times of year. Asheville has about 10 fully operational breweries and lots of activities outside the beer, too.
Key West, FL – Why not take an ACTUAL vacation while on your brewery run? Key West makes its own beer, yes, but what about all the fun in the sun that’s to be had here? Hard to beat.
Portland, OR – If you just need some nature, Portland’s the place. With more breweries per-capita than any other city in the US it’s an awesome option for outdoor lovers and parents alike. Rent a bike, stroll the river and just relax.

Brewing Beer, A Way of Life

As dozens of new microbreweries spring up across the country every year, brewing beer has become a way of life for many people interested in providing honest, quality products to discerning customers who know a good brew when they see one. Not since the 19th century has there been so many options for beer lovers to choose from–and, with home breweries become more popular, more competition in the brewing business.

Brewing beer has become popular once more because it’s so easy to do, as the process requires just three (more…)

Proud of Our Heritage, Proud of Our Beer

Miller Brewing Company was founded in 1855 by Frederick Miller in the Menomoree Valley of Milwaukee Wisconsin. It had previously been a small brewery called Plank Road Brewery. Controlling interest was sold to WR Grace & Co. 19 September 1966 from the granddaughter of Frederick Miller. Philip Morris acquired Miller Brewing Company 12 June 1969. South African Breweries bought controlling interest in Miller 30 May 2002.

Miller purchased Sparks and Steel Reserve brands 14 August 2006. On 9 October 2007 Miller merged operations with the USA operations of Molson Coors. Miller retained 58 of the company and (more…)

Touring Breweries, Now That’s a Vacation

Touring Breweries on vacation is becoming increasingly popular with people of all ages. Checking out national breweries like Budweiser and Sam Adams, as well as local craft breweries has become a vacation that many enjoy.

Budweiser is a nationally known brewery that is headquartered in St Louis, MO but has breweries in several parts of the United States including the Northeast, the South, and the West; making it easy to find a brewery near you to tour and taste excellent beer. The tours are available year round and not only can you taste the beer that’s available (more…)

Why Starting with the Best Water Is Important

Starting with the best water, no matter what the recipe calls for, is extremely important. Some people say that water is water. That could not be further from the truth. Water from different sources have different tastes. Each water brings a unique offering to a recipe. For instance, water from Chicago taps taste different from water than New York taps. Pizza lovers from both cities believe the water makes their pizza taste best.

Water has long (more…)